A jumpsuit that seeks to elevate the human form into a celestial sensing body.



In 2034, with the advancement of technology, our body and smart clothing will become more intimately connected. Ceres is a wearable garment that seeks to aid our understanding of near-Earth asteroids and deep space, in effect, turning the human form into a celestial sensing body. The garment emits electrical current throughout the sensor points in the textile, intimately vibrating against our skin, letting our body sense the range, frequency and distance of NEAs. Ceres also illuminates alongside the garment, identifying the frequency and distance through the velocity and brightness of the embedded LEDs.


The embedded microcontroller in Ceres is programmed to work with NASA’s Asteroid Neo-Ws RESTful API, which collects and catalogs real time data sets of near-Earth asteroids surrounding our orbit.This API is maintained by SpaceRocks Team: David Greenfield, Arezu Sarvestani, Jason English and Peter Baunach.

Ceres is an exploration in the expansion of our human capabilities, elevating our sense of touch and relationship with the cosmos.

 Garment Diagram

Garment Diagram

 Garment Sketch1

Garment Sketch1

Video: Tang Yi.

Beginning Footage Credit: Christopher Arcella http://www.christopherarcella.com/ .

Original Music: Less Effectives (hellyn)